I'm extremely humbled that you are looking forward to contact me, the feeling is probably mutual. That said my phone number is a little more private, for that you would need a really nice email first :p 
To contact me you can send me an email on 
WAIT, before emailing, here's a few guide lines,

1- Tell me who you are.
I will not respond to any anonymous email. If you wish to comment anonymously you can drop a comment on a specific post.

2- Fill in the subject
I receive a lot of emails, I don't necessarily reply to all. If I don't recognize what you emailing about I might just delete the email before reading it.

3- Happy thoughts
Stay positive, I do accept comments and pointers but this blog is to have fun and fill my time with something positive... Keep the negative tone to yourself. You can criticize in a respectful and humanly manner.

4- I accept all the help that you are willing to share
If you have any suggestions or pointers, I would love to listen to them as long as you follow the previous 3 steps (which I find very logical).

Looking forward to hearing from you, again it's
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