Bomb explodes in Lebanese church.

Just when I thought it's been while since we saw Lebanon in the head lines, a bomb containing 2 kilos of TNT, explodes in Zahle. Luckily no injuries were reported. I don't think this is a terrorist attack or a party trying to intimidate the other. At the moment there are no reasons for such thing. I do think though Lebanese people got jealous. For the past 10 to 15 years Lebanon and Palestine have always been the highlight of the headlines in the Middle East, almost like they are filming the best movie to ever be filmed. Lately there wasn't enough action in those two countries that they weren't making it to the top of the headlines.
The bomb only damaged the entrance of the church several hours before sundays mass, which only proves this can't be a professional job. I'm very glad that the mass was help at the same church despite the attack which only proves, how much Lebanese people are used to this thing and also proves to the people behind this, such this won't create any problems nor would it have an effect on the people. If this was an attempt to make the headline they barely made it only because it is supported by the Estonians kidnap in the same city of Zahle, and the fact that Lebanon has been without a government for more than two month now.

At the end of the day this could be a real attack but I prefer to take a more optimistic look at things in Lebanon otherwise I'll start hating people for no reason. Plus I'm looking at the picture of the Lebanese military truck an they seem pretty happy or sleepy. Best Blogger Tips

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