Scottie Pippen says Lebron is the best player to play the game, NOT JORDAN

Pippen suggested, on ESPN Radio’s Mike And Mike In the Morning, that LeBron James, and not his former teammate, Michael Jordan, could end up being the greatest all-around player the league has ever seen.

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game,” Pippen said. “But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved. You have to be on your Ps and Qs on defense. No guy on the basketball court is not a threat to score with LeBron James out there. Not only will LeBron dominate from the offensive end as well, but he’s also doing it on the defensive end which really makes him the complete package. He’s able to get in those passing lanes, shoot those gaps and create transition opportunities where he is pretty much unstoppable.”

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We are the top of the food chain; We are what we M-eat

I know I’m going to get a lot of 'dislikes' about this, but before I start please keep an open mind and don’t judge before you read this, your first post about pro-meat eating.


The first and most obvious reason why vegetarianism is not in our nature is, it goes against the basis of science, the biological and genetic making of the human body. We are omnivores, born that way for generations probably since the beginning of Human life. If we look at the vegetarian species, they all don’t stop eating, they eat all day. Elephants, giraffes and cows consume more food than any carnivore on the planet. And what is the common characteristic among them? They are all huge! I’m not saying, if you become vegetarian you will get bigger but those animals are that big for a reason. In their bellies you can find the biggest digestive systems in the world, which allows them to eat that much. Something the tiny human digestive system can’t do. The reason why they need to eat that much is because the body absorbs about 30 to 60% of the nutriments and vitamins in vegetarian food, and close to 90% of the ones in meat. Fibre is very hard to digest; our stomachs need to take breaks through-out the day, so we can’t eat as much as big animals and certainly not from the same kind. If we do, our stomachs become loose and the more we eat the more we need, not mentioning how gassy we would become, something no one wants. Gas is not only uncomfortable, it can become painful, the whole process of bloating disturbs digestion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying eating vegetables are not good for you and I’m not saying meat is the only food you should eat. All I’m saying is that since we are omnivores we need a balance of both.
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2012 Lamborghini LP760-2 Aventador by Oakley Design

Can the Lamborghini Aventador look any sexier? Apparently yes! The answer lies in the hands of an amazing design company, Oakley Design. The take on the toughest challenges, making top of the line sport cars even better, stronger and nicer. After their work on the Ferrari 458 Italia, it was clear to me that if a car needs to look better, it has got to go through them. To show how amazing they are Oakley Design are only producing five units of the Aventador and already three have already been sold.
Focusing on the looks alone, anyone can see the sportier appearance given by the addition of a larger airbox, an intake feed pipe diameter, a titanium exhaust system, and a new set of lighter and wider wheels.
Under the hood it's a whole other story... They worked up the Aventador to become 253lbs lighter than the standard model, and with an ECU remap they accomplished 60HP more. The V12 engine now delivers 760HP rather than 700. The impressive thing about all this is that all this power will be sent to the rear wheels alone. No exact word yet on it's ability to sprint 0 to 60 mph but it's obviously more impressing than the 2.9 seconds provided from the factory models.
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If you think gas prices are too high think again.

I came across a very interesting facts about how much we pay for gas in comparison to other daily products. We do consume a lot more gas than anything else, but if we compare it to some other products like nail polish and you convert the price tag to the gallon price, you will realize how cheap gas is.
This is just to make you feel a little better about the $4 per gallon you pay for gas. Take Shampoo for instance, Americans pay $28.60 per gallon, nothing compared to the $32 for the delicious grand latte from Starbucks, even Fiji water is priced at $10.24 per gallon and red bull at $28.16 per gallon. Then try justifying $1,024 for a gallon of nail polish.
Check out this image for a lot more comparisons, maybe print it and keep it in your car, take a glimpse at it every time you pull over in a gas station.  

Click on the image to enlarge...

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2011 Jeep Wrangler Rock Raider by Hauk Design

The Jeep Wrangler is by far the best off road vehicle every made, ask the United States military who used it through out tons of conflicts until the invention of the Humvee. Last summer I personally had the chance to witness what it can do in extreme conditions and I was amazed. The 2011 Wrangler comes with a little more modifications than we are used to, both on the exterior and the interior. Finally comfort inside the car became an option. Hauk Designs gave it perhaps the best tuning out of all designers that ever attempted to do so in the past.
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Grannies doughnut challenge

They say you can't teach an old dog new trix, once you watch this video you'll know it's just a myth.

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Transparent toaster.

Did you ever burn your toast? Each one of us has done it at least once. Those electronic companies sure take a long time to come up with a simpler solution. Everything has to come out very basic and hard to use then they start improving it. Why not wait a little longer and come up with a smarted and more user friendly product, I have no idea. I can’t believe that no one realised that people burn their toast because they can’t see them…

I know I didn’t think about it either…. J So I thank Inventible concept studios for this amazing invention.

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Woman too big to fly on West Jet

I feel bad that this cracked me up.

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2014 Audi Q6

Audi has been talking about the Q6 since 2006. Finally after long wait Audi released a few information about their addition, who will cause some serious threats to the BMW X6. We still don't know much other than the pictures released and that the Q6 will be slotted between the Q5 and Q7, and will share it's underpinning with the Q7 and the Porche Cayenne.
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Michael Phelps Keep walking, Johnny Walker commercial.

How can you get to the Olympics? Keep walking...

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14th FINA world championship 2011

The official video for the Shanghai (CHN) world Championship is now available and the date are out. July 14th to July 31st. This is the kind of performance we should be expecting from the Chinese team.
For those who don't know the FINA world Championship include swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized dancing and open water swimming.
A very interesting thing to notice in this video, all the athletes used in the making of this video are all on the Chinese team except Michael Phelps. China is usually very proud of it's athletes and the fact that they used their biggest rival to make this video shows how much they fear him and how amazing he is...

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Which is Faster, a bike or a car?

Can the BMW M3 go faster than the BMW S 1000 RR because it has two extra wheels? BMW Motorrad chose to follow Rico's two wheeled motorcycle and Nico's luxury four  wheeled sports car.
The motorcycle has a 999cc four cylinder inline engine and the sports car has a 4.0L V8 engine. Both were given a proper tuning that added a new Akrapovnic exhaust system.
Who do you think will win?

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Trippy Stairs.

No you are not tripping, if you are questioning yourself you must get help. These stairs designed by Atmos Studios, part of a bigger project, have a life of their own. They appear to wind, twist and turn all over the place. If I walk into a house equipped with these stairs I’d think somebody is trying to prank me.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures...
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New sport car for the Geneva motor show from Infinity

I can help not to love the curves on an infinity. If you run your fingers along the lines of any infinity and you close your eyes you might just imagine walking through a group of Victoria's Secret models. Infinity is reading a new entry level sports model for Geneva  2012. A two seater will be equipped with an amazing sporty engine and a rear-wheel drive set-up and a Lotus-tuned suspension system.
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Artificial organ regrowth

I don't know much about this so I can't say much but it is very interesting. Once this research will be done, no one will need to wait for another person to die so the doctors can harvest their organs and no need to die because of any disease, every organ is replaceable just like spare parts. It would be amazing to see this come to life one day.

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Hedgehog eating carrot...

For some reason this reminded me of my great grandma...

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Beating your wife...

Husband comes back home from work, says hi to his wife and starts beating her...

Wife : But why? I haven't done anything wrong...
Husband : I know sweetie, it's not for what you have done, it's for what you will do...

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Audi R8 V8 pimped up to become a V10 Spyder

In 2010 Audi presented their latest gift to the public, the Audi R8 V8 became a V10. Now with the help of German tuner, Wheelsandmore, they optimized it's performance and looks. An ECU engine was their first update. The new stainless steel, handcrafted high flow exhaust system with remotable valve flaps was their second allowing the car's 5.2 Liter FSI V10 to produce an impressive 600 HP and 590lb-ft of torque, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. And with a name like Wheels-and-more and update to the wheels was more than necessary. Lightweight, 3-piece forged 6Sporz wheels wrapped in 45/30/20 tires available in different colors. Finally an LCS (level control system) hydraulic lift up system allowing 40mm of road clearance was added to avoid speed bumps and other things if you with to go off road. Check out the video at the end of this post, it's beautiful and relaxing.

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Ferrari crashes, pitures you don't want to see

Such a tragedy, I bet the drivers family was really worried when they got the news.......... about the car. Funny thing, this happened the day he got his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia and he was on his way home to show it off. While driving he suffered an aneurysm right before crashing in a truck and is currently in intensive care. The fire department had to remove the roof to free him and stop the fire coming from the engine.

Check out the rest of the pictures...
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Cooking for Lebron James

The 2 time MVP has to have a good stomach on game day. His personal chef Brandon has a healthy, good looking meal ready for him every time he's hungry. While I turn on the wrong stove element and wait for my food to cook on the cold one, all Lebron has to do is make a call and say I'm hungry...

I guess Bargnani's pre game meal has nothing on Lebrons meals :p Best Blogger Tips

How to fold fitted sheets?

How frustrating are they??? Ever since I came to university and left the services mothers provide, from washing to folding, one thing always drove me crazy, how the hell can I fold fitted sheets in a nice and tidy way? For 5 years I never thought about goggling it. It seems stupid to find this kind of thing online. Until yesterday I always folded them in a very messy way trying to pretend I'm trying something new that might work. But not anymore.
Yesterday was a turning point in my life, I was determined to find the best way and I came up with the solution... I goggled it.
I tried this it works perfectly... now every time I want to fold my sheets I need the help of my laptop! and internet. and I hope this video will stay forever.
Watch an learn.

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Camel milk

With a much higher nutritional value than any other food product Camel milk is the ultimate type of nutrition your body can ask for.
This is not only something I read about but in the years that I spend in Kuwait, I have witnessed it and tried it. When I went on a trip to the desert once I encountered a Kuwaiti tribe, we spoke and it wasn't long before they offered us to join they're camp. In the camp they told us to try camel milk and went on and on about how good it is for our health. So I said what the hek I've eaten worse, it can't be worse than a vodka shot. Not too long after I agreed to such thing they took us to a camel and started milking it. Not exactly what I was expecting... I thought it was a packaged kind of milk, chilled and would be found in supermarkets. When they handed me the glass of milk I was having second thoughts. I don't like milk to begin with so I wasn't too excited about it, specially that it was still at the same temperature as the camels body under the very cruel sun of Kuwait.
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Using art to change the world

One of my close friends, Ramy, posted this video and it got my attention for the wrong reasons at first. All I can think about when I read the tittle was "pfffff another one of those!" but as I watched what this artist was doing and the way he was doing it, I got more and more interested. Even though I love nice art I am no longer interested in it because it seems like it lost it's meaning. Art used to be accompanied by science and strong meaning, it was a way to express believes and prove scientific methods and facts but we don't encounter someone like Leonardo Di Vinci anymore... This video kind off revived my love to meaningful art. Who would've thought a French street artist who can barely talk English would be capable of something this big.


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Qatar might lose the 2022 world cup!

Allegations that Qatar bribed two members of the executive committee of FIFA could force the world soccer body to annul last December’s awarding of the hosting of the 2022 World Cup to the Gulf state and call for a new vote.
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Mercedes SLS Emergency Medical Vehicle

On of these days, one of us, or someone we know might get into a car accident and will need very quick emergency help and we always hear stories about ambulances that take too long to get there, or that they patient didn't make it on time to the hospital... So Mercedes came up with the solution. A lot of car companies are building very powerful and fast cars why not put it to good use. So they came up with the Mercedes SLS AMG Emergency Medical Vehicle.
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Audi Trimaran concept as a grad final project

Through out the past 10 years we witnessed Audi growing and growing fast. They are not limited to cars anymore. After making the cool mountain bicycle why not target something a little bigger? That was the idea of German grad student, Stefanie Behringer, who designed this luxurious beauty. More impressive that the end result, Stefanie designed this yacht as her graduate project under the supervision of the AUDI concept design group in Munich. Talk about opportunity when it presents itself!

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What is microsoft going to do with skype?


As most of you know by now the giant internet phone provider was bought by Microsoft for a stunning price of 8.5 billion in cash. This kind of money is so much that even Microsoft had to dig into it's off shore accounts to come up with the money. Is it a smart move? No one knows yet but we know why they did it. I can almost guarantee that every person reading this post has a Skype account, and with 600,000 new registration everyday it makes it one of the most popular downloaded program in the world. On the other had Microsoft had seen it's products and sites loose their popularity. Hotmail is not the number one email service anymore and who even looks at the msn page anymore? Even MSN is not as popular as it used to be.
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The new google notebook with "no programs"

Google just launched a new type of laptops, the Chromebook, using the new Google Chrome OS. This means no programs, no desktop, and nothing to start up. Which will allow the laptop to boot in less than 8 seconds, doesn't require updates or anti-virus since google promises that it's built in security is enough. The web, rather than a local hard drive is also used for storing data, files, music, documents and videos. Which means you will never lose anything since everything can be accessible online.
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A new luxury by Bugatti

Inspired or maybe competing with the Audi trimaran, Bugatti came with a yacht concept that will blow your mind. Ben Walsh, one of the biggest car interior designer in the world, is the man behind this exclusive version of Bugatti Veyron, The Sang Bleu Edition.
The carbon fiber and aluminum construction of the boat gives this hydroride a classy, sporty and luxurious look.
This is something to add on our wish list... Even if I was more impressed with the Audi trimaran.

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Top 8 travel destinations

Lately I've been researching a good vacation spot. I came up with a list of 10 must see natural wonders. Non of them is a city. I am not a big fan of partying and museam hunting, I'm more of a nature/adventure kind of guy. That is the basis of my list.

1- Belize Barrier Reef
700 mile long Meoamerican Reef, from Mexico to Honduras, Belize is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. It is home to the distinctive staghorn corals, whale sharks, rays and manatees.
It's corals are living creatures that grow up to 6 feet high and live as long as 900 years. The waters surrounding Belize are dotted with islet.

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The amazing Lamborghini Aventador

The Aventador is both powerful and classy, earning it it's nickname. Spanish bull legend Aventador. In this video it's relentlessly fighting the forces of nature in a 3-minute special effect thunderstorm, shot in the Californian desert Coyote Dry Lakebed.

Lamborghini Aventador from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo. Best Blogger Tips

Sort your garbage, recycle!

As a good friend of mine once (or twice) said, HIILLLLLAAAAAARRRRRIIOUS!

Robbery (Social ecological ad) from Ruslan Fedotow on Vimeo. Best Blogger Tips

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge

Ferrari has now officially unveiled their new toy they're using to compete in the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli in the 2011 season. The 458 Challenge prototype is the new model, based on the 458 Italia, but with some important modification to adapt it to competition use.
The 458 Challenge is the successor of the 430 Challenge. While many things remain the same, like the cars V8 engine, some modifications were made on the gear ratio and calibration of it's dual clutch F1 gearbox.
Watch the second video to listen to the engine's sound at over 155 mph.

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Facebook news.

Did you know?

That you can earn money on facebook just by watching ads. It's a new feature that facebook added last Thursday. 10 cents is the reward for each ad watched. For now this reward would be in facebook credits, which allows users to purchase goods on facebook deals.
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COME ON PlayStation!!!!

As you all know the Play Station 3 network is down and it's not just a glitch or a momentary hiccup, it's a full-fledged meltdown. According to Sony chief spokesperson Patrick Seybold:

"While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we're able to get the service completely back up and running."

That promise was made last week and here we are, no network. And Sony's lack of communication with they're customers is becoming more and more pricy. Not only to the millions of credit cards information stored on the network but also to Sony. Some cities law suits are directed toward the tech giant because apparently the crime rates increased since then, and lets not forget about the credit cards information that have been stolen. It's not until this happened that I understood why the Xbox network comes at the coast. Xbox gamers pay for the added security.
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The 8 million dollar car.

It's not a Rolls Royce, it's the Maybach Exelero. Not only one of the classiest but it also comes equipped with a V12 biturbo engine, capable of 700 HP at 5,000 rmp. It can sprint from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds despite it's weight and can reach a top speed of 218 mph. AND it coats 8 million dollars. If all this is not impressive enough, there's only one of it's kind in the world.

If you are wondering who is the proud owner of this car,
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Obama talking smack

I really didn't think Obama had it in him but he is good at this. Donald Trump is not a big fan of Mr. President but he is messing with way bigger fish than he is. On the 23ed of march on "The view" Trump wasn't shy to show how much he dislikes the president. I wish he was born Syrian so he can learn when to speak and when to shut his big mouth. I think his parents didn't teach him the famous quote "When you have nothing smart to say, say nothing". Anyway, it took Obama 2 month but he got back at him with class... On may 1st at at the White House Correspondents dinner, right in front of Donald.

And if you are interested in watching Trump on The View...
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Ultimate water/sea equipment

The sound of the waves, the burn of the sun, the sexy tanned ladies, the beautiful marine life and the thousands of activities you can do on the beach and in the sea, are some of the things we miss the most in Canada. But if that isn't enough for you I may have what you need. The ultimate water toys:

 SEABOB: The Ultimate Water Scooter

This German invention allows you to cruise at the surface at a speed up to 20 km/h and 14 km/h underwater. You can reach depth up to 40m and explore the oceans underwater paradise.

Freestyle cruiser

An air inflatable, custom built water slide for super yachts.
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