Does anyone know who "The African King of Comedy" is?

Apparently he has been around for quite sometime now.  Michael Blackson, 38, moved to states and in 1993 became a stand up comedina. Originally from Ghana, Blackson still have a slight African accent that he uses in his shows. I was very surprised how funny he is and no one talks about him. His approach to stereotypes is very unique, I love the fact that he separates "African-Americans" and "Black" and "Africans".
Check this out... and if anyone know where I can watch longer videos or perhaps a full show, let me know either contact me anyway you know, or or drop a comment.
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Karmin performing on Ellen Degeneres

This post is related to one I posted earlier of Dj Karmin recording Look at me now by Chris Brown but I never thought it would become that big. This girl is going places!

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The Pornstar Turtle

He is strong, he gets his way every time, abuses the females, pushes away anything that stands in his way, when he wants it he will get it, he is the Pornstar turtle!
Never mind his voice he just hit puberty!

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The beauty of mother nature, National Geographic photographer

This is something I just can't wrap my head around. If you have noticed in one of my older posts about the lion hugging it's rescuer, I am very intrigued and fascinated with the soft side of these  predators. And here's another one, a leopard seal trying to take care of a human as if he is it's own son. It's truly amazing...

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2012 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 super sport is a class of it's own. If you are looking for the best and strongest car in the world, this might be it. This special edition appeared in the Shanghai Auto Show, it was completely painted in black visible carbon carbon, then combined with an interior that mixes "Snow Beige" and "Beluga Black."
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What is the ultimate workout?

Which workout works best is one of the topics frequently discussed between people, and we all asked the questions and wondered if we were doing what's best. Is it quality over quantity? Should I go to the gym? Or for a swim? Should I do weights? Or cardio would serve me better? Whether you are looking for muscle growth, toning and shaping or if you want to lose weight, we all wondered if it will work. Unfortunately a lot of people experiment with different routines but come back empty handed. Why?
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Smart phones can be a threat to your safety!

You know those personal pictures or files you have on your computer and your phone? Basically the reason why you have a password protected phone or laptop... Well they're not safe anymore! It can also be a simple picture. Just to let you know how easy it is for someone who know what they are doing, I have a friend who was working on a program similar to the one they are talking about. Where if you take a picture in a certain place, something like google maps can give you the location of where the picture was taken. Now with a little more hacking added to the mix and they hacker can track you down and from the picture taken or uploaded he can access your information stored in you laptop and phone...

So what is really private now a days? Nothing I guess...
For a little more information about similar thing with iPhone in particular Best Blogger Tips

Bias soccer commentator

I still am not sure if I like watching a game of any sort with a neutral commentator or a bias one but this one he mind as well start praying for Roma. This game is Udinese-Roma, you don't need to understand what he is saying but it's more than obvious he is with Roma.

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Parapapapapa DOES excist.!

For all those who doubted me here's proof and for the ones who don't know this song, this is a nice song, tacky but nice!

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The balls on this guy!!!!!

Yes those are real cobras! When  he needs to broom, he will broom!!!!

Cleaning The Cobra Pit brought to you by Funny Clips Best Blogger Tips

Would you believe this?

Do you think you would fall for something like this?

Get Naked Please brought to you by Funny Tube

Can't they see the shoes and the socks? Best Blogger Tips

Coffee before workout, yea or nea?

How many time have we encountered a picture similar to this one on our way to the gym? Women rushing to Starbucks to gulp their coffee before their yoga class starts? How many people told you "drinking coffee before working out gives me a better workout"? Or "coffee makes you loose weight faster"? But is it true? is coffee that good?
Mostly women but also some men are convinced, coffee is good before going to the gym...
What is true and what is a myth?
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India, a country of extremes

I could tell you this is an amazing video or such an inspiration or moving images or even very informative but it wouldn't be enough. All I can say is WOW. In 8 minutes you will see more contrast in one country more than any contrast you ever saw or studied. It's a story of two Indian golfers, one rich and the other not. Explains how they practice, play and live each coping with their environment.
I enjoyed this so much and I know you will.

Mumbai Golf - ESPN E:60 from Evolve IMG Films Ltd. on Vimeo.

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Lion affection: the soft side of the wild...

Lately I've been very interested in Lions life and interactions among them and with human and a hidden side keeps relieving itself the more I watch the documentaries. Every documentary has a little segment that I think should be studied a little more, it's about those beasts personality, emotion and affecting towards human. How camera crew can be within meters of their feast and not one lion would stop them or attack them, how in some reserves in Africa they let a human touch them and play with them even next to their cubs and lionesses, how some expert can actually command the lions and go on unleashed walks with them and they would only follow him. It all showed me that these animals can be part of the human life. The affection of a pet is beyond any tie between two souls, ask any dog owner. They love their owner more than life itself, they look at him like a God to them and mostly they love their owner no matter what he/she does to them. I think the same could be told about lions, and what greater affection then the one coming from a beast weighing more than you and could kill you in one stroke but chooses to hug you and listen to you? We all remember "Christian the lion" well here's another example...

And for those who don't know who Christian the lion is here he is...
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Dwight Howard starting to ear the "Superman" nickname

A nickname I always thought should stick with Shaq only but Howard is starting to change my mind specially after surpassing Wilt Chamberlain in rebounds at his age. For the first time in NBA history the KIA defensive winner is given to one person three consecutive years. His ability to block any shot coming from any angle, no matter how high it is along with rebounding skills makes him by far the most dominant player in the paint in the NBA today. Averaging 14.1 RPG, 2.4 BPG and over 22 PPG Dwight Howard is the 2010-2011 Kim defensive player of the year.

The most remarkable thing is that he has done this this season with two almost completely different Magic teams, after the trade he was sometimes the only starter that stayed on the team.
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Keenan Cahill is a NY Knicks fan

I have a feeling one day he is going to top Bieber in fame...

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Words said differently can change the world.

Came across this video, found it very powerful and touching. It shows how some words said differently can really have a much bigger effect. Which got me thinking, I should pay more attention to the words I'm choosing and what message they send.
Very meaningful and powerful message is delivered in this two minutes video.

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Do you feel safe at home ?

When you're deeply asleep, all the lights are off and nothing can wake you up, can you guarantee that your door will remain unopened and you windows are sealed shut to protect you from any burglar? If you think yes then you don't know this bread of ninja. Very well trained by it's owner, no lock is too secure again it.

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Ferrari 458 Italia the sexiest Ferrari ever

I've always been a huge fan of the curves of a Ferrari and they never stop to amaze me. This time with one of the sexiest car I may have ever seen. Priced at $220,000 the Ferrari 458 Italia is powered by a 4.8 litters V8 engine equipped with the traditional Ferrari flat crankshaft. It puts a driver in control of a 570 HP at a high 9000 RPM which gives the future super car a power output of 127 HP/Liter. Weighs only 3,042 pounds which allows it to rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 202 MPH.
To deliver this car to the eyes of the viewers Ferrari uses a rather delicate mean. With the aid of a photographer and by adding an equally well curved engine next to it, the 458 Italia becomes the spiciest and the sexiest car ever.
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If you dream of being behind the wheel of a Maserati

A lot of us dream of driving to work one day in a Maserati and even though this is what we usually have in mind...
...the price can be an issue and Maserati is well aware of this fact. They came up with a more affordable option. You could be behind the wheel of a Maserati within a few month of savings without going out of your budget. I present to you the Maserati 8CTF Best Blogger Tips

Virgin Galactic spaceline

So this post is for my good friend M. Ibrahim, to inform him that Virgin Galactic, a spaceline founded by Sir Richard Branson to take people on commercial flights in space, just put out the call for pilots. Yasser should apply ;)

The are looking for pilots to operate SpaceShipTwo spacecraft and WhiteKnightTwo mother ship.
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All covered with no clothes on

I know it's a little unorthodox to feel better about yourself based on other people's struggles and imperfections but every now and then but a smile wouldn't hurt :p All guys who don't look like this feel better about your looks and ladies who's boyfriends or husbands don't look like that, please be great full and stop asking for more ;)
BUT IF YOU THINK THAT YOU LOOK SIMILAR TO THIS PERHAPS YOU SHOULD VISIT and Nabs don't get turned on by the picture please! Best Blogger Tips

Backflip penalty kick

For those who can't do a back flip and want to try this in FIFA on PS3 before you shoot press. L1 L2 R1 R2 Up Down Left Right Up Down Left Right.
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White people can't jump, Black people can't swim and Egyptians can't speak english...

Even though his english accent is not the best but once you watch this he will have a place in your heart.
These are better examples of how Egyptians sound when they speak English. Look at these videos,
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Shaq want to be forever young..

Shaq is one of the few people I wish he would stay forever young and never stop playing basketball, it would be a big loss. Here he is singing for twitter's 5th birthday...

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Best of mamadou seydou koulibaly

Even though I feel a little sorry for him but I love him. Most interesting thing is that he is a police officer. I don't know which police academy he graduated from but for facebook and youtube's they need to enroll a lot more people, for the safety and crimes they need to be shut down.
 Here's a few of his best work on facebook
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Piano playing taken to a whole other level

On one hand Greece got talent has the best looking judge, and on the other hand they have quite some talent. So funny what people can think of...

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Look at me now by Chris Brown in eminem's 5 year old voice

I heard the official version of the song but I didn't like it that much until I heard this.
Check it out it's even better than Chris Brown's
I think that's how Eminem sounded when he was 5.
Here's the Chris Brown version if you want to compare...
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Kobe Bryant fined 100 K for calling a referee, gay.

Every year Kobe has to do something offensive to at least one person and this time of the year was last week. The 5 time NBA champion still didn't understand that this year player can get a technical just for looking at the ref the wrong way. Prior to this one Kobe had 14 technical fouls which means 2 more and he will start missing games and on Wednesday again the San Antonio Spurs Brayant got a little too upset and threw a homophobic slur at the gay referee Bennie Adams.

You guys should know that Bennie is in fact gay and I think men are men, women are women and gays are gays, so why is calling someone gay an offense? If I called someone a man they wouldn't take it in a bad way.
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Marijuana ALMOST legal in Ontario.

For all of you living on a higher floor than the one you're on, you will soon be able to do it anytime, anywhere in Ontario. Legalizing it is only waiting on the federal government to review the decision after an Ontario court ruling decided to pass the motion. "The government of Canada is reviewing the decision and will consider its options," Leslie Meerburg, spokeswoman for Health Canada, said Wednesday in an email. I quote "reviewing" the "decision" has been made.
What the federal government is reviewing if medical marijuana will be legal or possession and production of cannabis. They have until July to decide. Best Blogger Tips

Girl throwing puppies into the river!!!

I don't know what to say to this. I'm not a tree huger but this is too much....

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8 month old baby hears his mother for the first time

Watch what happens when an eight month old deaf boy's new cochlear implant is activated, and he can hear his mother for the first time...It's touching.

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For all BlackBerry users.

In the past few years the US got rid of every person they didn't like, now it's Ghadaffi's turn but blackberry is a company with direct relations with the Pentagon and they're secret is revealed. BlackBery users have access to their secrets and now RIM brings you a new technique to know who is the next person the US is going to get rid of.
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