Best of mamadou seydou koulibaly

Even though I feel a little sorry for him but I love him. Most interesting thing is that he is a police officer. I don't know which police academy he graduated from but for facebook and youtube's they need to enroll a lot more people, for the safety and crimes they need to be shut down.
 Here's a few of his best work on facebook

I don't know any lady who wouldn't fall for this

Or this
So cute when he is scared
He even posts about being slapped
He maybe is the best announcer
He can even make announcements through songs
Big kiss everyone, wiz my mouth and bonsoirjour.
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  1. Clarification, he's not a cop he just post video in order to get himself known before a movie he gona do with Henry Tong(check out this chinese dude on facebook he's hilarious!!!) where he gona play a cop lool

    Nice blog sousou keep up the good work ;)