Marijuana ALMOST legal in Ontario.

For all of you living on a higher floor than the one you're on, you will soon be able to do it anytime, anywhere in Ontario. Legalizing it is only waiting on the federal government to review the decision after an Ontario court ruling decided to pass the motion. "The government of Canada is reviewing the decision and will consider its options," Leslie Meerburg, spokeswoman for Health Canada, said Wednesday in an email. I quote "reviewing" the "decision" has been made.
What the federal government is reviewing if medical marijuana will be legal or possession and production of cannabis. They have until July to decide.The main reason behind this, according to official sources, is that some sick people who need it can't get access to it so they resort to illegal actions to obtain it. Now they question remains, who do they consider "sick people" are they talking about all marijuana users or just the sick ones? We will have to wait and see.

Now if no changes are applied to the decision then possession and production of cannabis will be legal all together. At the end of the day I think Canadians are way too exposed to marijuana that maybe this decision won't mean anything and if Michael Phelps uses his swimmer lungs to clear the bong why not Canada.

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