Virgin Galactic spaceline

So this post is for my good friend M. Ibrahim, to inform him that Virgin Galactic, a spaceline founded by Sir Richard Branson to take people on commercial flights in space, just put out the call for pilots. Yasser should apply ;)

The are looking for pilots to operate SpaceShipTwo spacecraft and WhiteKnightTwo mother ship.
Those selected will fly for developmental testing on the pilots them self and to improve the spaceship at first then for commercial flights later on. The company is looking for pilots from respectable schools, like Embry Riddle and with 3,000 hours of flying experience. Space flight experience is a plus but not necessary.

So if Yasser doesn't have 3,000 hours he better be flying for the next 125 days straight. This flight will coast the passenger $200,000, imagine what the pilot gets!!! One conditions applies if he gets the job I get 25% of the first pay check :p

WhiteKnightTwo :

SpaceShipTwo :

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