2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Leaked photos always have a way of forcing automakers to scramble on how to proceed when launching a new vehicle and the leaked images of the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider just might have forced Ferrari to show its hand earlier than they wanted. Now, all this is a matter of speculation and it just might be coincidence altogether, but in any case, the Italian automaker not only released the first official teaser of the 458 Italia Spider, but followed that up with the the first batch of official photos featuring the much-talked about top-down supercar.

There’s no need to strain any muscles on the validity of these photos because they have officially come straight from the Prancing Horse’s mouth. Or in this case, their Facebook page.

Whether Ferrari was forced to show their images earlier than they wanted because of the leaked photos is irrelevant now. What’s important is that we finally get to see the 458 Italia Spider in all its awesome glory.

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