Porsche Design Shisha

The Porsche catalog is filled with items other than cars, from high end pens to tea sets, it's clear that they've ventured into the world of recreational paraphernalia. Now Porsche design introduced they're latest item to help you chill and relax in class...

The Porsche Shisha is made out of TecFlex, the same material the company uses in their wide variety of high-end pens. It stands almost two feet tall and also combines aluminum, stainless steel, and glass to create a timeless design that touches on subtle luxury. It also comes with a long flexible tube made out of the aforementioned TecFlex material and has a discrete Porsche Design branding on top.
If you are interested you can purchase  the Porsche Design Shisha at the company’s new store at the Harrod’s department store in London for a princely sum of $2,000. Spending that much for a bong may be too steep for some, but for those that enjoy a drag here and there, the price may very well be justified. Best Blogger Tips

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