The best thing to do during a layover in Amsterdam airport

3ed of July 2011, I traveled from Montreal to Kuwait with an 8 hour layover in Schiphol, Amsterdam. Just like any long layover, I started wondering around thinking about a way to pass time. On top of that, I needed to use the bathroom very badly and I just can't find it in me to use the airport stools. Not only I get very disgusted but people using the other stools think that the doors are sound proof, the symphonies you hear are unbelievably gross. Boredom didn't help. When I couldn't hold it any longer I accepted my faith and started looking for the cleanest bathroom. What I came across was better than I would've imagined. Bathrooms with showers cleaner than any place in any airport. At the Mercure hotel on the higher floor they give you the option to shower for as long as you like for 15 euros. The best thing about it is, a person cleans the bathroom thoroughly after every use. I got to use a clean bathroom, shower, pass an hour of my layover and I was fresh and clean again.
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