2013 BMW Gran Coupe

So it has been a while since BMW gave us something to admire and drop our jaws. Thankfully they finally came to their senses and decided to give us a BMW with a little more personality and character. Well, hopefully...
The Gran Coupe concept has finally been pushed through to production. With the AUdi A7 lurking at the segment and the Mercedes CLS in it's second version, BMW needed a new star. For that they are signing the Gran Coupe with a contract starting in 2012.

According to BMW Blog, the BMW Gran Coupe will be sold under the 6-Series badge and will share some of the features from that model line. However, the Gran Coupe will also keep some of the features that made the concept so attractive at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this year including the frameless windows and B-pillar. The model will be available in an even mixture of gasoline and diesel engines with an ActiveHybrid also in the works.
According to Endras BMW, the future BMW Gran Coupe model will be powered by the company’s newly developed twin-turbo V8 engine, same as used in the BMW M5. This means that the future model will deliver an impressive 580 HP, making it one of the most powerful models in its market segment.

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