Funny Pictures 1

Daddy hired a body guard!

Dinner's ready?

My savings...

Watermelon fail... Or pineapple I don't even know anymore.

Secret garage

Epic view

Turtle dicks... yummmmm...

Flying economy... trust me I KNOW!

Free dinner?

I want one too... sandwich

Russian guys are so gangster... With there socks and flip flops...

Genius? or tacky? you decide...

What's more expensive? the van or what's in it?

What is he searching for?

I posted this picture because I've been there... I know how it feels... not good!

Find the intruder

Kamasutra genius?

OH NO! Iron man has the wrong address!

Phone sex at it's best

Disappointed? Don't worry she'll come back...


Call of duty live?

The army that beat the US and the French...

Peak a boo!

French kiss? or fail first date?

Flooded  bus

Who's more dominant?

Why the ski boots?

Free ride

Kids are fun... if your ok wish a law suit every now and then...

Mom, I brought dinner!

Credit card fail

Ass hole Vs. bull horn...

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  1. Haha thank you very mutch! The one and doggy is soo qoute! This is soo funny I am want too show this too my grandfather. He is in too dogs too>
    Agian sincerely thanks for this Dear Sir!

    Greetinggs from Indai - Iranupa Herkiupapalutu