Canadian elections set for May 2nd

The Canadian opposition accused the Harper government of abuse of power and highly contested his budget plan. As a result the liberal party joined forces with the 2 other opposition parties taking a stand again the conservatives. Which means joined together they have a lot more power than the conservative's. A motion was passed yesterday from the opposition and the results of the votes showed 156 votes in favor, 11 more than the votes against. This is the first time in Canada that the government was found in contempt of the parliament and as a result Steven Harper, after discussing with the governor general David Johnson, decided to dissolve the parliament.

This will send Canadians to the election polls on may 2nd to vote for a new government. Harper thinks that the liberals are sending the country into a pointless election knowing that the result of a survey launched on Thursday showed 43% supported the conservatives as oppose to 24% for the liberals. In addition to that he said that the world's economy recovery and that political chaos, armed conflicts and the humanitarian disasters make an election a little too pricey for a fragile economy.

I think the reason why the liberals forced an election is for Harper's budget plan to be delayed since it was about to start if the government was not dissolved. They are trying to buy them self more time to find ways to stop it. For me this is going to be interesting since I've never witnessed a Canadian election or any political campaigns since I moved here.

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