For those of you who think Blake Griffin is a great dunker.

We all remember Griffin's dunk over the car that gave him the All Star dunk contest tittle. Well what would you say if I told you there's a better dunk? Of course not, right? But there is. First a little reminder of the All Star winning champion.
 Be ready to be amazed!!! This is even better...

His name is Guy Dupuy he played semi-pro basketball in London last year and now he is on tour with And1.
If we had to compare dunks, Blake Griffin is 6'10 jumped over the hood of the car, Guy Dupuy 6'3 jumps over the center of the car picks up the ball in mid air, between the legs dunk. To be honest I think Baron Davis should get most of the credit for the Griffin dunk, he gave him an amazing pass and I don't think that dunk would've won the competition if he didn't succeed on the first attempt. Guy Dupuy's dunk is far better and he deserves all the credit for it, but he didn't have a choir so...... maybe Blake is a better dunker :p Best Blogger Tips

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