Libyan rebels looking good...

Libyan fighters retake key strategic towns  from Gaddafi's forces. The reason why towns like Ajdabiya, Ras Jawad, recaptured by the rebels, are very strategic accomplishment is because they are some of the major oil port in Libya. As those results unfold, the U.S. position becomes more obvious.

U.S. secretary of Defense Robert Gate and Hillary Clinton appeared in an interview on ABC this morning and the position they took towards the issue, I must say, was the most convincing the U.S. took towards any conflict since 1990. This shows that Obama was a best choice not only for the States but also for the U.N. and the rest of the world. Gates emphasized that a Regime change is not part of the military mission in Libya because past experiences has shown it is "very complicated". Meanwhile the U.S. president explained that the international mission had saved countless innocents from a "bloodbath" threatened by Gaddafi since they no longer have air power and heavy weaponry available. These accomplishments come after a week of bombing from the coalition warplanes on march 19 to stop Gaddafi's forces attacking civilians.

If this U.S. position doesn't change until Libya calms down and after it would prove that we are dealing with a new face for the American political stand specially since Libya is in fact, like Iraq and Kuwait, one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world. Best Blogger Tips

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