iPad 2 out in Canada yesterday!

I have never been a big fan of apple product but the popularity of the iPad 2 makes me think twice. It was set to launch in Canada yesterday, and already it is sold out. When apple launched the new iPad in the U.S. on the 11th of march a million devices were sold on the first day, compared to 500,000 units sold the first week after the launch of the older version. Good luck trying to buy one in the next few weeks since on Apple.ca, availability for all models of the iPad 2 is listed at three to four weeks.

Apple's selling quote for the iPad2 is "There's more to do. And even less of it". This is due to it's slimmer and smaller size, it's dual core A5 chip, it's much more improved graphics and it's longer battery life. In addition to that it runs on the new iOS 4 and has a two camera, one on each side. Apple did not stop there they also added some newer and maybe better accessories to make owning an iPad much easier to use and to maintain.

That said, I have not tried any of the iPads yet, it sure looks appealing but I would not buy one until I see one with both 3G and wireless connectivity. They claim it's a phone and a laptop combined but I don't see how since my phone can connect to a 3G network and still picks up wireless connections. So before even comparing it to a laptop it doesn't surpass my mobile phone. The only fact that makes it better to me is that it's "cool". Best Blogger Tips

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