Canadian elections

Since the beginning of their campaigns I noticed one thing and it's been bothering me so much. All their speeches, all four of them, are based on what the other party did wrong and accusing each other of either coalition or abuse of power. Until now I did not hear one speech about what each party wants to do and how they can fix the budget and what they can bring to the Canadians. It would be alright if they say that they will be doing something that the other party won't but it's not okay for them to just state what the other party isn't doing or doing wrong.

Harper is accusing the Liberals of trying to do a coalition with the other parties and accusing the Block Quebecois of changing they're ideology since 2004. The Liberals are accusing Harper of abuse of power and the NDP claim that they are the only ones who can beat the Conservatives, based on some results years ago but nothing concrete today. It's getting a little annoying specially that a big number of voters don't really know what happened in the past. I'm referring to the university students, who not long ago reached voting age, that keep seeing their tuition increase every year and the new Canadians that just got the citizenship, who did not know what exactly was going on last year of the year before that. Many other Canadians don't really pay attention to politics as long as they know who they choose and who they voted for, these people need to know what's coming to them not what happened in the past and the conflicts between the parties so they can chose someone now. I hope this trend will stop and each party starts concentrate on stating their agenda for the years to come.

Here's a little proof, many others for each party are available on CBC, ABC, youtube and more...

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