2011 Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M Conversion Edition By Anderson Germany

There aren’t exactly a ton of tuning kits for the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M simply because there’s not much to change on the special edition to begin with. It’s cool, fast, beautiful, and, unfortunately, sold out. So what’s there to do if the itch for a Scuderia Spider 16M suddenly develops? Well, you can hop on the phone and give Anderson Germany a call, for starters. The tuning firm’s latest package allows ownership of a 16M style vehicle without the limited edition hurdle to jump over. The kit starts off with a Ferrari F430 Spider with a number of additions to not only make it 16M ready, but to allow for more horsepower as well.
The design aspect of the 16M Conversion Edition begins with a Hyper Blackpaint finish that is then combined with Scuderia Stripes in carbon steel with a yellow border. Carbon fiber elements are then put in and make up the engine grille, rear diffuser, mirrors, and covers under the hood. Other features that lend more to the 16M style include a front air dam, side skirts, a rear apron, and an adjustment of the exhaust system. The exterior is then finished off with a new set of 20" three-piece glossy black wheels with a carbon and yellow border to match the Scuderia stripes. The interior is a little less drastic with the addition of carbon black leather and Alcantara and yellow diamond Kederrand seams.

The greatest addition to the standard F430 is the extra horsepower pumping out of the 4,300 cc 90° V8 engine. With the help of a software optimization and new Renn-Kats headers and exhaust system, the 16M Conversion Edition can now run 570 HP, up from even the standard 16M’s 490 HP. The bonus 80 HP is then better handled with an adjustable suspension system.

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