Maserati, a new SUV?

In 2003 since Maserati Kubang Concept was released I've been waiting for it to get into production. My prayers have finally been answered and in 2011 Maserati confirms the new SUV is finally set to launch sometime in 2012. That confirmation was followed with rumors of a Ferrari-sourced engine, but as it turns out, Top Gear is hearing that Chevrolet will actually be the ones powering the bulkier Maserati.

CEO of Chrysler Group and Fiat, Sergio Marchionne had said that the new SUV would carry a "rock and roll engine," possibly in both V8 and V12 variants. Current rumors suggest that the engine will actually be a Chrysler Hemi V8 with 465 HP and more torque than the original option. This engine will also fit better in the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee platform they have already confirmed for the Maserati model. Now, the future SUV will only be Italian on the badge, as the engine and chassis will be American made at Chrysler’s Jefferson North assembly plant. This should bode well for the SUV, since having a Ferrari engine would have undoubtedly hiked up the price.

Expect to see the official launch of the Maserati SUV at one of the major auto shows in 2012.
For not the 2003 Maserati Kubang concept...

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