A healthy diet

This post is mainly about eating healthy, what is the best diet you can have to be a healthy person? Healthy diets are closely related to losing weight  but what I’m about to tell you isn’t the only thing you need to do in case you want to lose weight. Weight loose can’t be accomplished without exercise, but if you follow this diet ALONG with a good exercise routine I can assure you, you will not have any problem with your battle against the scale.

1- If you think you eat too much

I got three very small and easy tips to fix this problem.
First, try to find out how many calories you consume a day by simply counting them. Don’t just memorise them, write them down after each meal or snack. We tend to forget a few here and there and we assume healthy food like fruits and salads don’t contain any calories. The recommended daily calorie intake to maintain your weight for men is 2,500 calories and 2,000 calories for women.
Second thing you need  to do is to change your plates to a smaller size. I know this sounds two easy but research showed that people who use smaller plates eat 22% less even if offered the same food.
Finally, never starve yourself, our brains are programed to crave high calorie food when we are hungry and low calorie food when we are full.

2- If you think you eat too much because you are always hungry

You need to choose your food carefully, specially breakfast. When you skip your breakfast you will spend all day craving high calorie food.
Incorporate a lot of protein especially lean protein, as it keeps you feeling fuller for a lot longer. Avoid high carb meals and fatty fried food.
Eat soup, thick soup, or blend your meals. I know this sounds disgusting but a thick stew stays in the stomach a lot longer than little pieces of food.

3- If you are doing step one and two and what to avoid the little bit of unhealthy content found in any kind of food

The first thing a lot of people do when they want to be healthy or lose weight, is to cut dairy product out of their diet because of it’s fat content. This sound like a brilliant idea but what if I told you dairy can in fact help your body to avoid absorbing the fat content in your food? Dairy product are indeed high in fat, which is why I recommend low or no fat dairy. Whatever you do, don’t stop eating or drinking dairy product, just switch to low fat dairy. Apparently when the dairy reaches your small intestines, where the fat is absorbed by the body, it binds to the fat molecules in your food and instead of absorbing it, it passes right through you.

4- What else can you fix in your diet?

-Be careful of the sauce you make with your food and use in your sandwiches
-Use whole wheat bread, pasta and rice instead of white for your daily carb intake
-Avoid soft drinks, instead drink fruit juice
-Avoid drinking while eating
-A vinaigrette dressing with your salad is much healthier than a cesar dressing
-Avoid buffets when going to restaurants (this is a hard one)
-Bake instead of frying
-Use olive oil instead of butter when cooking
-Know your meat cuts, beef, chicken or ham, some are healthier than others
-And stay active

In conclusion, if we put all these pieces together, we should use smaller plate, be aware of our daily calorie intake and eat breakfast. An ideal breakfast consists of protein like beans, lean meal and eggs. For lunch you should start with a salad since it contains a lot of nutritional value and is low in calories, followed by lean meat again and a source of carbohydrate to keep you going, specially is your workout is approaching (be careful not to eat too much carbs though). For dinner you should avoid carbs, eat vegetables and lean meat. If you feel hunger throughout the day eat low fat dairy products, like yogurt and cheese.

Following this diet won’t only make you lose weight and become healthy, it will help you look a little more like this…

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