How much does it cost to own a Bugatti Veyron? (not buying, just maintaining)

You know that time of the month when you get all your bills at once and you feel like you heart just sank? While we complain about the rising prices of gas and electricity, and an unusually high phone bill, a Bugatti owner gets it 100 times more...
I know what you are going to say... "If he can afford a Veyron, he should be able to pay for it's maintenance" I agree... but I also feel for them. For starters, and I advise everybody to sit down before reading this, a routine service for the Veyron runs up to around $21,000 based. Yes, for every time you bring the Veyron to the shop, for a powerful car like this, I'm guessing around four to six times a year, you can actually buy a Mercedes E63 AMG...every year.
If you think this is it, I really advise you to sit down...
The Veyron is considered one of the fastest cars on the planet, but with that title comes a few wrinkles, one of which is the state of your tires after your weekly high-speed excursions in the countryside. If you need to replace the wheels on the Veyron, a set will cost you $40,500. Oh, and ’as per Bugatti’s recommendation’, you should change your tires after every 2,500 miles. It’s also common procedure for a car like the Veyron to continuously check for cracks on the wheels of the supercar, a practice that cost you $11,500.
If your reading this on laptop, and it is placed on you lap I will not be held responsible for any damage that it will sustain, so put it somewhere safe, take a deep breath...
Then there are the costs that are subjected to how often you use the car. Chances are, you’re going to be spending at gas station more times than you’d want since the Veyron has a combined EPA fuel efficiency, I am using the word ’efficiency’ very, very loosely here, of 10 miles per gallon.
To wrap it up, the annual maintenance charges to your Bugatti Veyron can run up easily to six digits. But if you’re the type that enjoys your beloved supercar a little too much, your bills could reach easily $300,000 a year.
That's right $300,000 a year. So next time you see a Bugatti Veyron in the street, please pay your respect, stop what you are doing and admire it. It will only last a second anyway...

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  1. I don't get it. If it's so expensive and good quality as a car, why does it need to be fixed and changed so often? -Tamara

  2. Because it is a very fast car, and the owner will probably want to speed and that ages the car much faster. Any car no matter how good it is has an age limit. Plus when you drive fast the car needs a lot more maintenance then when you drive at average speed. Plus in order to deliver that much power and speed the engine is a lot stronger than other cars and that can add a lot of stress on the other parts.

  3. best car ever

  4. "The Veyron is considered one of the fastest cars on the planet"
    It is unequivocally the fastest, and it is obvious from your ridiculous post that you know nothing about cars... If you can afford the car you can afford the maintenance. Shut your ignorant face hole!

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