Thief has to pay $522,000 after being caught with a stolen Bugatti Veyron

This really cracked me up. Three thiefs in Poland have a very high standard. Not only they wanted to steal a car, they wanted to steal a Veyron. Not any Veyron, the Grand sport sang bleu, the only one created to celebrate Bugatti's centenary in 2009... They didn't stop there, they went on and stool a BMW 7-series and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Keep reading, it gets even better...

The three morons didn't have enough fun with those luxury cars, they thought it would be wise to use them to as a escape plan when they robbed a house in Oberrieden, Switzerland. They were finally pulled over in Germany by the police. That's right, Steal the cars from Poland, rob a house in Switzerland and escape to Germany. I don't know whether the Thiefs are really stupid but really good or the European authorities are really bad.
As a result, the robbers will not only have to spend some time in jail but also pay a tax bill of $522,000 because the stolen cars were registered in Switzerland. If you didn't laugh yet, this is where you are expected to...

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