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By now, it is clear to most of you that I am a big meat lover and I recommend everyone to eat meat. I am also against vegetarianism. All this doesn't mean I agree with all the methods some farms use. If I had  the chance I would try to avoid buying meat that comes from those horrible farms.
First I have to warn you that this video is extremely graphic, then I MUST tell you that vegetarian organisations over do it a little bit. They advertise the bad farms and never show you the good ones. I would agree with them 100% if their point was to tell people to chose their meat carefully, but I really don't like how they show only the bad farms and tell you not to eat meat. Cosco for example, after this video was released stopped all their business with these farms and looked for better ones. As a result the bad farm go out of business and the good ones became very rich, which is exactly what should happen. GIVE CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE and punish those who don't deserve any credit just don't tell me not to eat meat because a few farms treat the animals badly. It's like telling me not to have kids because SOME kids become criminals...
However, this video is very bad and after watching I hope you will chose you meat wisely whenever you can. I hope this won't back fire by turning you into a veggy because that's not my point  here.

Try to avoid these farms chose your meat carefully, and know that you don't need to stop eating meat to stop these farms. Putting them out of business by dealing with the good ones will suffice to stop these inhumane farms.
Organic meat and food in general is a lot better for you and it tastes much better. A little more pricey but if you are able, it would be wise to switch. I will do my best to find a list of supermarkets that sell meat coming from reliable farms and let you know first hand about them. So bare with me for a few more days until my research is complete and enjoy your meat in the mean time.
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