Top 20 gift ideas for a man

This post was inspired by the hundreds of times I've heard the sentence "man are so hard to get a gift for" or "it's so much easier to get something for a girl". On the contrary women are so much more judgmental about their gifts... Forget their birthday and they will get mad at you already, and we all know that men don't remember birthday dates. Thank God for facebook. So getting a girl a gift is usually to make it up to her, so it has to be something very good. Men on the other hand are happy with pretty much anything that is not girly... but if you would like to make some guy a little more than happy here's a general list that might give you ideas.

With guys always think practical, outdoor, everyday things and specific interest.

20- Clothing

When buying cloths for a man price is not the most important thing. Usually a scarf is nice or a tie or cufflinks . You want to target accessory clothing rather than the core stuff. Usually men like to chose their outfit but enjoy a little clothing accessory.

Price range : under $25 to $150

19- Full dvd collection of his favorite show

Guys love collections. For some bizarre reason we like to keep something we already watched specially if it's a full set 

Price range: $50 to $250

18- Bucky Balls 

Very easily entertained... bucky balls will keep us busy and distracted for hours. Exactly like a new chew toy for a dog or a baby

Price range: $9 to $40

17- Fog Free Shower and Shaving Mirror with Radio

Any shaving accessory is the most classic thing to get to a man. Avoid this one if the guy you are shopping for doesn't have a beard. It can have an adverse effect!

Price range: around $40

16- Mini fridge/dispenser

Or beer/soft drink dispenser. Give it to the guy and watch how proud of it he is going to be at the next party he hosts... probably the next day.

Price range: $75 to $1,500

15- Private lessons

Now this is a little more personal you have to know they person, know his interest and find something that he is really interested in but never had the chance to learn. From music instruments, to scuba-diving to golf or swimming. Find what he wants to learn.

Price range: around $30/hour

14- Maxim year subscription 

It shows confidence if you are a girl, specially if it's for your boyfriend. Nothing says "I love you" to a man better than teasing his "brain" in that way... Don't go too far and get a Hustler, it might give him the wrong idea!

Price range: around $30

13- Music instrument 

A harmonica is great, a grand piano is ideal... Sometimes even if he can't play it (which means next year you'll get him the lessons, 2 birds in one stone ;)

Price range: $30 up to $150,000

12- Watch

Perhaps the greatest accessory of all time that you can get him, it never gets old no matter how many he has.

Price range: $180 to $10,000

11- Sport game tickets

If he's favorite team is the local team, you are in trouble, you will need to get season ticket or playoffs tickets... If not tickets for his favorite team's game.

Price range: $50 to $125,000

10- Laptop

Now we are talking, from here on you will make him the happiest man on earth for at least the day.

Price range: $400 to $3,000

9- Game console 

If you live with him and you enjoy the only TV that you have at home, this one is a no go. It not you just make him happier than the day you met :p seriously 

Price range: $199 to $499

8- Cell Phone

By now you know how important your visit to an electronic store is. Make sure he wants to change his phone before you get him a new one, otherwise he will be thinking about a way to sell it without you knowing.

Price range: $150 to $699

7- Expensive alcohol

Do me a personal favor, if the bottle will be done withing a few days don't bother, a cheap wine would be better.

Price range: $165+

6- Portable grill 

Outdoors and food... Can't ask for better deal. A few steaks along with it won't hurt.

Price range: $50 to $1,000

5- Sea bob

From here on you gotta be careful, he might forget about you for a while. The sea bob is the greatest invention in the world and it's a great substitute for a jet ski if you can afford spending but not go over the top.

Price range: $500 to $2,500

4- Massage chair

The day after he got his gift: 

wife: honey did you get the kids from school today like I asked you this morning?
husband: OH SHIT

Price range: $500 to $7,000

3- Dog

I placed this one based on personal interest but for most men a dog represents a stable life, great companion and a full family. The best part about this is that you have a long list of breeds to suit his lifestyle. 

Price range February 2010 $300 to $1,800
Today priceless...
even 6 zeros MIGHT not cut it.

2- Car 

If you can afford it and you know he is looking for one it is probably the best gift anyone can get. Always aim high though, even if any car would suffice, you can never aim high enough and whatever you chose will do no matter how high or low it will be.

Price range: $3,000 to $1,700,000

1- Top of the line

For the top of the list, I left it for you imagination. You can get anything for a man and he will be satisfied but men love anything "top of the line". When I say anything, I really mean it, regardless of the price. You can even take advantage of it, if you look your best that specific day, you can be his gift. Take a day off, spa, mani-pedi, wax, hair dresser... the look on his face will be priceless!

Price range: $40 to $250+

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