Leading the bull to the water... Lambo Yacht

Lamborghini always surprises us with more and more powerful engines and speed, not saying that their designs are not beautiful but I think they are extremely standard, nothing new and no new look. I just want to see something new something unrecognizable! 
Well, designer Mauro Lecchi felt the same way, and now we’re getting exactly what we wanted. Introducing the Lamborghini power yacht. This 50 foot, carbon fiber beast sports all the speed and luxury you’d expect from a super-car maker. Although I'm asking for change from Lamborghini, there's one thing that I love that they kept. The bull look of the Aventador was the inspiration to sketch this yacht, after it's not Lamborghini if it doesn't look scary, strong and bull-like. 
Did I mention the prototype is under construction? Yup, it's not just a conccept! Though it started as just a sketch, the prototype is in production and is rumored to be powered by either two 550hp V12 Motori Marini Lamborghini engines or two twin 950 hp Seatek turbodiesels. As for the interior, it will be styled by none other than Fenice Milano, famous for working their magic on the Rolls Royce Ghost.

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