Solar power charging table.

Inductive charging basically uses the electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects, and appliances using this technology have been there in the electronic market for years. But the novelty element in this product is that it allows direct connection with the device to be charged, when placed on the black, square-grid charging panel. This direct power transfer mechanism circumvents the need for coupling with a charger. 


On their way to office, or being on their lunch break, one can just place their mobile battery on the table surface, for it to be automatically charged wirelessly. We should also not forget about the green essence of this technology, regarding its utilization of zero-emission, clean solar power. Imagine your battery to be charged by a table, by just being placed on the table’s surface. Sounds fantastically fancy? Well, it’s not, as Panasonic has just unveiled a prototype of their advanced yet convenient solar powered inductive charging table, at the recent Retail Tech Expo held in Tokyo. Imagine this innovation makes it to every table everywhere we go...

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