If you think gas prices are too high think again.

I came across a very interesting facts about how much we pay for gas in comparison to other daily products. We do consume a lot more gas than anything else, but if we compare it to some other products like nail polish and you convert the price tag to the gallon price, you will realize how cheap gas is.
This is just to make you feel a little better about the $4 per gallon you pay for gas. Take Shampoo for instance, Americans pay $28.60 per gallon, nothing compared to the $32 for the delicious grand latte from Starbucks, even Fiji water is priced at $10.24 per gallon and red bull at $28.16 per gallon. Then try justifying $1,024 for a gallon of nail polish.
Check out this image for a lot more comparisons, maybe print it and keep it in your car, take a glimpse at it every time you pull over in a gas station.  

Click on the image to enlarge...

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