Camel milk

With a much higher nutritional value than any other food product Camel milk is the ultimate type of nutrition your body can ask for.
This is not only something I read about but in the years that I spend in Kuwait, I have witnessed it and tried it. When I went on a trip to the desert once I encountered a Kuwaiti tribe, we spoke and it wasn't long before they offered us to join they're camp. In the camp they told us to try camel milk and went on and on about how good it is for our health. So I said what the hek I've eaten worse, it can't be worse than a vodka shot. Not too long after I agreed to such thing they took us to a camel and started milking it. Not exactly what I was expecting... I thought it was a packaged kind of milk, chilled and would be found in supermarkets. When they handed me the glass of milk I was having second thoughts. I don't like milk to begin with so I wasn't too excited about it, specially that it was still at the same temperature as the camels body under the very cruel sun of Kuwait.
Long story short I drank the glass and before I knew it I was asking for more. It was way better than any other cow milk I ever had. It's not as bland as the cow milk, it had a distinctive tast. That same day I noticed in the camp a very sick man who was forced by the other tribe members to drink camel milk, I then leaved that this man had stage 4 cancer and this tribe never went to the doctors for any other members who suffered from cancer. I even spoke to one of them that had cancer 2 years prior to that and it got cured through drinking camel milk. I didn't believe these stories until I started reading more and more medical research being made on this milk...

As a matter of fact The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAQ) says, one glass of camel's milk is rich in B vitamins, has three times as much vitamin C and 10 times as much iron as in cow’s milk. It also has as much calcium as seven sardines, and is very good for bone growth. It’s low on saturated fats as well. If you think or if you are lactose intolerant camel milk is what you should be looking for as a substitute to cow milk.

Camel's milk is high in lactoferrin, an antimicrobial agent and is thought most probable to cure all illnesses. It is said that it can fight infections, tumors and diabetes, and it is traditionally used as a treatment for liver diseases in central Asia and North Africa. If you are diabetic, it this milk contains insulin and a lot of diabetic who consume it say that they don't need the insulin injections as much anymore. In fact people in Kenya sometimes take a week off from whatever they are doing in life and go to places in the desert to receive camel milk therapy, even if they are not sick and just looking for an optimal well being.

If you get the change to procure some of this milk or if you are interested, it is most profitable served raw, not packaged, but still would be much better than cow milk. In the Arabic countries the bottle has the visual of a funky camel in sunglasses and is called Camelicious.
The best part of it is that it's not produced in mass, no farms, no animal cruelty, most of these tribes treat their camel as if it was their own.

NB: An on going investigation lead by French and German medical researchers, is going on in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, to see if camels are the cure for cancer. The journey for them is a little hard since most of these tribes are nomads and every time they find them they keep disappearing in the vast desert and under the extreme heat of the region. Best Blogger Tips

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