Audi Trimaran concept as a grad final project

Through out the past 10 years we witnessed Audi growing and growing fast. They are not limited to cars anymore. After making the cool mountain bicycle why not target something a little bigger? That was the idea of German grad student, Stefanie Behringer, who designed this luxurious beauty. More impressive that the end result, Stefanie designed this yacht as her graduate project under the supervision of the AUDI concept design group in Munich. Talk about opportunity when it presents itself!

The yacht integrates tow jet skis on each side, YES TWO JET SKIS on board. It can host up to 12 people on the main hull and more on the smaller ones on each side. This yacht cruses with a turbo-charged injection diesel engines that develops about 500 HP each. It can speed up to 40 knots equal to about 74 km/h. Now this is a yacht that I hope seeing one day in the ocean.

Technical Details:

  length: 15 m / 49.2 ft
 width: 6.40 m / 21 ft
 draft: 0.58m / 1.9 ft
 width main body: 2.80 m / 9.2 ft
 length jet skis: 3.2 m / 10.5 ft
 width jet skis: 1.15 m / 3.8 ft
 maximum velocity: 74 km/h / 40 kn
 maximum velocity (e-engines): 15 km/h / 8 kn
 2x 500 horsepower V12 TDI (turbo-charged injection)
 2x 100 horsepower / 74 KWI

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