We are the top of the food chain; We are what we M-eat

I know I’m going to get a lot of 'dislikes' about this, but before I start please keep an open mind and don’t judge before you read this, your first post about pro-meat eating.


The first and most obvious reason why vegetarianism is not in our nature is, it goes against the basis of science, the biological and genetic making of the human body. We are omnivores, born that way for generations probably since the beginning of Human life. If we look at the vegetarian species, they all don’t stop eating, they eat all day. Elephants, giraffes and cows consume more food than any carnivore on the planet. And what is the common characteristic among them? They are all huge! I’m not saying, if you become vegetarian you will get bigger but those animals are that big for a reason. In their bellies you can find the biggest digestive systems in the world, which allows them to eat that much. Something the tiny human digestive system can’t do. The reason why they need to eat that much is because the body absorbs about 30 to 60% of the nutriments and vitamins in vegetarian food, and close to 90% of the ones in meat. Fibre is very hard to digest; our stomachs need to take breaks through-out the day, so we can’t eat as much as big animals and certainly not from the same kind. If we do, our stomachs become loose and the more we eat the more we need, not mentioning how gassy we would become, something no one wants. Gas is not only uncomfortable, it can become painful, the whole process of bloating disturbs digestion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying eating vegetables are not good for you and I’m not saying meat is the only food you should eat. All I’m saying is that since we are omnivores we need a balance of both.


Please don’t talk to me about how animals are being treated in farms, there are good farm owners and bad farm owners, just like anything else in the world. Before you start fighting for a cause that will never change (McDonalds is stronger than any vegetarian organisation in the world) take care of your own before looking at other species. As long as there is war in the world and people starving and dying then the meat industry is the least of our concerns. You’re not doing anything noble, you are just choosing to ignore the more serious issues in the world. Over-production is bad in farms, but I don’t hear anyone talking about the over production of vegetables. The chemicals added in our food today are so bad, they can be fatal. Labels have been switched from 'Rinse', to 'Wash Thoroughly!!!'. And did you ever wonder who died of hunger somewhere in the world so you can have your low priced vegetables? In African farms, workers work day and night to be able to keep up with the demand and the competing markets in order to earn less than a dollar a day. They don’t have enough to feed themselves while you go out there and advocate that eating meat is bad. Can you imagine how much more vegetables the world would need if you stop the meat industry or even slowed it down? I know that mistreating animals is bad and I don’t agree with it what so ever, but don’t forget: some farms are bad and others are really good in that sense. Plus they help lower the hours of labourers; some farmers work for very low income.  


Health issues are usually the next step after vegetarianism.  Becoming vegetarian requires taking supplements. It means you have to be a lot more vigilant about what you eat and have good knowledge about nutrition and the body's requirements. Who are we kidding? You probably don’t even know what you need every day at each meal. On top of that, I am strongly against any type of supplement, if you claim that your food is healthier, than you shouldn’t need anything else! There is nearly no variety in a vegetarian diet and even less in a vegan one. Can you imagine going to a restaurant and ordering vegan food? What would you eat? Pasta, fries and rice. (Sometimes not even Pasta due to the hint of butter and egg in the ingredients). There is nothing worst in terms of carbohydrates, healthy eating and dieting. With a meat diet you feel fuller faster, and for longer as opposed to a vegetarian one that leaves you bloated, with stomach aches, gassy and hungry which leads to head aches and stomach pain.
According to almost all health professionals, with very slight variations, this is the healthiest, most balanced diet anyone can have. (click on the pyramid to enlarge)


During pregnancy women are in fact, urged to eat meat and animal (by)products. The growth of the fetus and the toddler highly depends on calcium. Although childhood obesity is an issue today, not enough calories can lead to children not growing properly. This can be a problem in high-fibre diets. Iron deficiency can make you anaemic and can delay the growth of your toddlers. Vitamin D and B12 are other examples of vitamins found mainly in meat. (check out http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/healthy-living/how-our-vegan-diet-made-us-ill-848322.html) . 


Your best argument can be “meat contains saturated fat, and I don't want to consume that!”. This term has been used by the media and health professionals unfortunately, the wrong way. Yes, excessive intake of saturated fats is bad for your heart, but half of the fat in red meat is unsaturated, a fact that most anti-beef advocates fail to realize. Actually, the most common saturate found in beef and dairy products is stearic acid, which may help to reduce plasma and liver cholesterol by reducing intestinal cholesterol absorption. Stearic acid intake also helps to prevent arterial clotting and the formation of fatty deposits within the arteries.

At the end of the day if you chose to become vegetarian, it's your choice but don't look down at me for loving meat but before you convert to vegetarianism, don't be ignorant, and get all the facts and learn about all the risks. Remember that you are an omnivore and before you talk about animal cruelty, keep in mind not all farms are like the ones you see in those videos from organisations that investigated the worst ones. Don’t stop eating meat, you will create an imbalance and require more labour from workers that are under appreciated and over worked, but try to know where your meat is coming from and chose your meat carefully.
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