Innovative device from Dell, the "Dell Splinter"

In association with Chris Corrigan and Groups’ brainchild Dells new project is taking shape to set  us free from carrying a laptop, a cell phone or a camera separately for seeking optimum result out of the devices. All our desired needs have been put together into a ‘simple looking, complex working’ small tablet device. But this is surely not another iPad of that kind.

The Dell Splinter is a device that is designed as two detachable units, the smaller one of which can be taken apart from the other any time and can be configured into a device of a user’s special choice like a calculator, an MP3 player or a Skype phone and many more, while the bigger unit serves as a laptop with quick-boot functionality all the time. It is even compatible with an other software and hardware development which makes it more appealing to its users. The two-unit device with one customizable subunit makes it a computer which can be turned into whatever other devices we wants. One can do it simply by detaching the small subunit and customizing it that way. Designed with two-touch sensitive thumb surfaces at the top of the device satisfies the easy of use aspect of the device.

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